Tiffany and Michelle

Tiffany Walker and Maureen Kerrigan Are Shy

Tiffany Walker is an absolute favorite. She only did a few porn scenes (there is some fetish floating around), but this is probably her best anal and one of Ben Dover’s best scenes period. Maureen […]


Arwen Gets Double Penetrated…One Time Only

Keeping up our cataloging of one-time events, here’s Arwen (or Elsa or Iva..blah, blah, blah) taking on a couple of guys for an uncomfortable looking DP. She didn’t come back for more. Lost Porn: None […]

Gabby is a shy girl.

Gabby is Shy, Doppelganger for Olivia Munn

You might have heard this said before, but this is the best porn scene ever. Meridian plays the slut (which she always does) and Gabriella Kerez plays the girl “who totally has never done stuff […]

Sunny Lane's Only Anal

Sunny Lane Checks the Anal Box

Sunny Lane’s only anal was not that happy an affair, but sometimes you just have to check a box. For a much better 1st anal, see the G. Michaels post. Lost Porn: None known Best […]


Damita Looks Nervous, Double Penetrated

Poor Damita. She doesn’t look excited about either of these scenes (she only did three, these are the best two). The ending of the DP scene is downright uncomfortable to watch (not as uncomfortable as […]


Heather Graham’s Doppelbanger…Olga

You can call her Funtic, Olia, or Olga. I call her Heather Graham’s doppelbanger. Here she is in her only DP. There are multipe DP scenes listed in the various databases, but they are all […]