Lime's Doppelbanger
Kpop Doppelbanger

Hello Venus’ Lime Has a BJ Doppelbanger

Ever since I watched Hello Venus’ first video I’ve been fascinated with Lime (she’s the one with the lime colored hair and world’s shortest skirt). I finally ran across a BJ who is a decent […]

Daisey Dahl anal

Daisey Dahl Takes One For the Team

Daisey Dahl had a very short career. She almost qualifies as a tourist (two scenes or less), but there is some amateur stuff that cost her the designation. This is the only anal I’ve ever […]

Goo Hara looks like pornstar Lina.

Goo Hara (Kara) Has a Doppelbanger

This will be my first “Kpop Doppelbanger” post, but I promise it won’t be my last. Goo Hara (Goo is her last name) was a member of Kara before they broke up and you can […]

Asia's First Anal

Asia Carrera’s First Anal

I don’t usually post full movies, but this one is special. Asia Carrera is a MENSA member, so she was smart about when she did her first anal…midway through her career, right before she got […]

Tiffany and Michelle

Tiffany Walker and Maureen Kerrigan Are Shy

Tiffany Walker is an absolute favorite. She only did a few porn scenes (there is some fetish floating around), but this is probably her best anal and one of Ben Dover’s best scenes period. Maureen […]